Gravel, Stone & Boulders – Virginia Beach • Chesapeake, VA

The addition of gravel, stone and boulders is rightly one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape design. These natural essentials add texture and contrast, and create the tone for your landscape.  Color choice is as important as size and can add warmth, depth or brighten your yard.

Gravel and stone are often used as a replacement for mulch. The advantages include:

  • Durability
  • Pale-colored stones create more contrast with darkly colored foliage
  • Doesn’t need to be replaced every season

A large, interestingly shaped boulder can become a centerpiece of your landscape.  It’s also a great idea to use a large boulder as a replacement in an area where an ornamental plant may be too much, or may not even be able to grow.

Gravel, stone and boulders in the landscape:

  • Gravel paths with stepping stones
  • Borders on ponds and beds
  • Focal point for a landscaped area
  • Patio areas
  • Xeriscaping
  • Lowers maintenance

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