Pavers, Borders & Aluminum Edging – Virginia Beach • Chesapeake, VA

Lawn and flower bed edging can play a very important role in your landscape design by separating two distinct areas. There are many options and what you decide on comes down to your style, creativity, materials and budget.

Edging tidies up the line between your landscape beds and your lawn, and improves the overall curb appeal of your property.  Edging can have a practical or style side. Or both!

There are several types of landscaping borders. A style for everyone

  • Soft lawn edging–subtle and soft and only needs an occasional trim
  • English border edging-crisp and clean and keeps the lawn out of the beds
  • Trench line-a small area dug out between bed and lawn
  • Metal edging-makes trimming easier and precisely separates lawn and beds
  • Pavers and brick-styles and heights are vast and complement the color and style of your home
  • Stacked flat edging stones-natural look

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