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Walkways are a perfect way to add charm and flow to your landscape. A walkway that bends and curves begs your eye to follow it. It can provide direction in your garden spaces; coaxing visitors to travel from one area of your yard to another or to bring them to the party on the patio. Walkways can be both functional and curb appeal enhancing.

Walkways in your landscape are used in many ways

  • Connect the front yard to the backyard
  • Provide access from patios to gates to a side yard
  • Tie one patio into another
  • Lead from your driveway to your front door
  • Used as a way to create dimension in your landscape
  • Can help to repair drainage issues in a yard

Walkways can be made from an assortment of materials

  • Gravel
  • Slate
  • Stone
  • Stamped Concrete
  • Broom Finish Concrete
  • Combinations of materials

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  • Avatar Daniel Peake ★★★★ 3 years ago
    We moved from overseas to Chesapeake, VA in 2009. The first new home project we needed completed ASAP was a backyard fence to contain our dog and cats. We found Dr. Dan's ad in the local "Shopper" magazine & called … More him about the fence and other landscaping projects. He contacted East Coast Fence & Deck (ECFD) for the fence, and came to our home to "scope out" the rest of our projects. He gave us an estimate for each project; sort of like a menu that we could pick & choose which projects needed our immediate attention and which could wait awhile before completion. ECFD came out, installed a white vinyl fence and adapted a new product called "Purrfect Fence" to suit our cat requirements. It turned out great and still looks great after 10 years installation. Dr. Dan has a "core" of what I would call "expert employees" who can do just about any landscaping project conceivable. We used Dr. Dan for patio and walkway pavers, decorative plant bed edging, French drains, new scrubs, etc. for our needs up to about a year and half ago.His work is of the highest quality and his crews have to drive some distance from his Virginia Beach center of operations to our address in the Hanbury area of Chesapeake. For his last project with us, which was quite extensive I'll admit, he came out to survey the project but did not give us an estimate because of unknown material costs. His crew came out and did a wonderful job, but when his bill arrived we had "sticker shock". While we paid the bill in full, my wife was upset about his billing process. She would have preferred to have a job estimate and pay a start up portion, then pay another portion at 50% project completion, and then pay the remaining balance at job completion. I had to rearrange some of our financial assets to pay for the work. This left a "bad taste in our mouths" and we stopped using Dr. Dan for our exterior projects, and started to employ local Chesapeake businesses instead. So Dr. Dan does great work but he can be expensive. I'm a little more forgiving than my wife was about what I described above about the billing for his last project for us about a year and a half ago.