Have you been thinking about getting an outdoor rug for your deck, porch or patio?  Confused with what size to get, what color would work best and what material is best suited for your application? There are several considerations when choosing an outdoor rug and price is often part of the discussion, as well.

When determining what size to purchase, the first thing to consider is the space of your outdoor area. Keep in mind that if you choose a large outdoor rung, it should cover the majority of your deck, porch or patio. Don’t scrimp on size. One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make when p If it will be sitting under a grouping of furniture, it should be big enough so the front legs of all major pieces of furniture are placed on the rug. You might also want more than one rug, as a way to tie different areas of your porch, patio and deck together, but also to keep their functions separate.

Once you determine the size rug you’ll need and if you’ll need more than one, you will want to start thinking about the shape of the rug. Rugs come in squares, rectangles, oval and circles. Some outdoor rug designs come in multiple shapes, so you can coordinate the same rug pattern among a grouping of rugs in your outdoor space. If it’s a dining space with a long table and bench style seating, you will probably want a rectangular rug. If you’ve got a small area with a reading chair, a round rug might be your best bet.

You’ve probably already looked at some rugs. Actually touched them. And then wondered…what material is best? Most of the outdoor rugs you’ve seen are made of synthetic materials. They are typically made of polypropylene or an acrylic. These materials will actually make them weather resistant and super easy to care for. If you’re insistent on getting a natural fiber rug, then you should definitely consider sisal over jute. Jute doesn’t wear well at all, nor does is hold the color. Sisal is much more durable than jute. That said, we still feel that rugs made man-made products are more durable and hold the dyes much longer.

Once you start looking at outdoor rugs, you will be amazed by the color variety and selection available. Pastels, bright and bold, subtle, solids, stripes, geometric patterns. Wait until you see the incredible variety and selection available in colors and patterns for outdoor rugs. As you start thinking about selecting the color for your outdoor space look at one what colors you like in the inside of your home. And then pump it up! This way you’ll continue you’ll continue your decorating theme from inside and continue it outside. If your home is filled with blue and gray, then brighten and deepen that blue, add the subtleties of the the gray, and then add a little something new to give it a fun surprise. Of course, you can completely switch up your color them and bring something completely new to your outdoors. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try something new and different, but were too afraid to introduce indoors. Well, take it outside! The thing is, you can’t go wrong. Don’t be afraid to mix patterns. If you’ve got a bold geometric print on your cushions, don’t think you can’t go with a print on your rug. Just stick with the same colors. It’ll be fine.

When it comes to outdoor decorating, don’t sweep it under the rug, make it all about the rug!