Garden structures are a great way to add height interest to your landscape.  Arbors, pergolas, vine poles and trellises all have a purpose, but along with that purpose comes the prospect of a new way to add more beauty and color to your landscape.

Arbors are synonymous with roses, but there are several other plants that can create an equally appealing look, depending on the style of your landscape and the style of the arbor you choose.  A simple arbor can create a welcoming entryway when placed over a walkway.

A well-designed pergola can be used to create a new “room” for your home.  When placed on a deck or patio, with the right furniture and some exterior fabric your landscape instantly becomes additional living space.

A garden trellis as a structure will serve as support for any climbing plant or vine.  Additionally, if placed in a certain area of a landscape, it creates a wall for privacy or a blank canvas for adding color with flowering plants.  With a variety of shapes and construction materials, there’s a trellis available to match any home.

A vine pole is one of the easiest ways to train a flower vine that needs support, particularly a very fast growing species.