When September arrives, we start to usher in Mum Season. Who doesn’t love the color and attention that mums bring to your yard? How you display them can really add an impact to your home’s appearance. Here are a few of our favorite displays we’ve found on the internet.

Nothing is more welcoming than an abundance of color on your steps, and this set of steps really steps up its game. Large pots of mums, and lots of color.

When mums are displayed with a group of pumpkins, you let everyone know fall is here.


For amazing impact, line your walkway with an abundance of colorful mums. The assortment of colors has a lovely range, and the blooms of mums can vary as well.

Your normally blah flower beds can scream “It’s Fall” when you add that mum color.

Now that we’ve given you some ideas to make the most out of your mums, let’s looks at some of the most interesting and colorful varieties.

It’s easy to see how this variety got it’s name. Chrysanthemum Matchsticks.

If you ever went to homecoming, then you will definitely recognize the Homecoming Chrysanthemum.

This one looks like a jewel. Ruby Mound Chrysanthemum.

Whatever you choose, and yes, the options are almost endless, mums will bring a welcome bit of color to your outdoor spaces this fall. Go ahead. Make a statement.