Plant of the day - Dahlia

Stunning dahlia with enormous, striking, reddish-purple flowers on tall stems that are excellent for cutting. easily reblooms all summer long. Simple, attractive accent for borders, beds, and containers.

labella dahlia virginia beach

Grows well in enriched, well-drained soil. Keep the soil evenly moist but not saturated by watering frequently but not heavily. To prolong flowering, cut wilted flowers. During the growing season, feed monthly. In regions without frost, a sensitive tuberous perennial; in other regions, treat as an annual. It makes a stunning addition to any landscape and reaches heights of 24 inches. Plant it next to a patio, porch or deck and give your guests the pleasure of its blooms.

Labella Dahlia Purple

The Central American mountains are where this species originated. The Dahlia pinnata is Mexico’s official flower.