This attractive and durable evergreen shrub is perfect for a border or ground cover in a rock garden. Massive clusters of rich rose-pink buds offer a stunning late-season show that lasts until the first frost. A landscape is given a wonderful texture by the lush green foliage that is wonderful in bouquets of fresh or dried flowers.

Selly Scoth Heather in a pot in Virginia beach

Selly Scotch Heather is an evergreen shrub and a terrific choice to go with rhododendrons and acid-loving plants, and it looks great added to borders, rock gardens, and mass plantings. When grown as a ground cover, the plants will gradually create a thick mat that outcompetes most weeds and offers year-round beauty. “Bud-blooming” heathers, like this one, are highly prized for their intriguing texture and enduring display. They are known for flower buds that swell and color up, but unlike conventional Erica or Calluna varieties, never open to reveal the flower, instead offering a distinctive, showy display of upright, closely spaced bloom spikes.

Pink Selly Scotch Heather

Avoid excessive humidity and heavy or poorly drained soils; instead, provide average to lean, equally moist, loose, and well-drained soil. In hot summer locations, take cover from the harsh afternoon sun. Plant in a protected region and cover the root zone with mulch in areas that experience harsh winters. To shape, prune as necessary.