Even if you haven’t already taken care of this chore already, what are you waiting for? We’re about two seconds away from May and knowing you’ll be spending more time at home than not, don’t you think it’s time to really think about spending that time outside? And everyone knows that the more inviting a space is, the more likely you are to spend time outdoors. The outdoors should be your happy, healthy, clean and fun space. There’s no reason to not tackle the necessary clean up and once that done, you’ll probably feel more inspired to spruce things up a bit.

The first thing you should address is the debris that collected over the winter. Take a day to remove all the dead leaves and branches, the dried out mulch, random stones and any other debris from your lawn, flower beds, pathways and in the the corners of the exterior of your house. Once you’ve accomplished that task, take a step back and look at things to help you determine your next step.

Once you take a look at your yard and see the space, one of the first things you need to do is take note of the condition of the elements that make up your living space. Do you have a deck? Does it need to be power washed and stained? Do you need to replace boards? Perhaps you’d like to add a different style of railing? Or maybe you want to replace those wooden deck boards with composite so you don’t have to worry about staining?

If you’ve got a patio (concrete, stamped concrete or pavers), then you more than likely will need to power wash it, and if it may even need a new coat of sealer.

Once those large areas have been taken care of, you might want to start looking at some simple designer upgrades to your space. Things that will make your space more inviting, a bit cozier, more colorful and appealing to the senses. One thing to address is your outdoor furniture. What may have seemed like a great idea two years ago may not be the right fit today. Perhaps you bought a large table and six chairs, but eating outside might not be the most important use for your outdoor space. You and your family might better utilize the space with sitting space with comfy seating and smaller coffee type tables, where you can sit and enjoy morning coffee or evening cocktails. And don’t forget to add an outdoor rug to tie it all together.


Lighting is also an important aspect of your outdoor living space. Are you still lighting that patio or deck area with some tired contractor lighting that doesn’t perform properly and brings you in earlier because the ambiance isn’t there? There are tons of options for lighting. From wall lanterns to chandeliers to hanging string lights to lit planters…there is something new or vintage styled that will give your

But more than anything, our favorite way to bring excitement into any outdoor living space is the plants. Textures, colors, scents, sizes. Experiment with all of it and find what works for your style.