Yes, we know. It’s only February,  and it’s not exactly bloom season yet. But that doesn’t mean you need to stop dreaming of beautiful gardens and the inspiration you can gain from them. And it’s certainly not too early to start planning a spring or summer gardening trip, especially one that focuses on some of the beautiful gardens that can be found in Virginia.

Living in the Hampton Roads area, you may have been to the Norfolk Botanical Gardens already, but if it’s been awhile it deserves another shot. And if you’re new to the area, then you definitely need to go see this local garden. Originally called Norfolk Azalea Garden, it opened in 1938 and has since been added to the Norfolk Register of Historical Places (2005). It’s home to a variety of themed gardens and offers tram, walking and boat tours.


The Colonial Williamsburg Gardens are a lovely display of tidy green spaces, uniformly trimmed Boxwood and seasonal flowering species. If you own a colonial style home and are looking to install colonial style landscaping, then a trip to Colonial Williamsburg needs to be added for a day trip. And while you’re walking through the gardens, take a few other tours. Make sure to lose yourself in the hedge maze at the Governor’s Mansion to complete your day with a little fun.


The Monticello Gardens in Charlottesville are a personal favorite. The setting of the grounds are beyond gorgeous. The mountain views, the stunning architecture of the home and the historical experimentation of Thomas Jefferson lead visitors through a day long adventure. Spend time understanding the drawings of Jefferson, which easily rival any computerized drawing prepared today. The place is a not only a masterpiece for Virginia, but to the entire country.


The Gunston Hall Gardens and Manor House was the residence of another famous Virginian,  George Mason. Mason designed the gardens to reflect European ideas. Perspective, symmetry and grace are all qualities evidenced throughout the grounds. .


These are just a couple of lovely gardens in Virginia. There are plenty more.