It’s almost March. The perfect time to start thinking about your exterior projects. If a new deck or deck renovation is on your list, then you need to consider what your needs entail and how you can best maximize your budget in order to meet those needs. Since a new deck is a valuable investment for your home, you want to take the time to look at the options that will serve you best from both an aesthetic viewpoint and functional aspect. People understand that decks have the ability to extend your home’s living space during all the season of the year, and have become increasingly interested in ways to utilize that space to its highest optimization.

One way designers and homeowners have made decks more compatible to the style of their home by taking advantage of the many deck railing options available in today’s market. From wood to vinyl to plexiglass to different metals…the materials and styles have more variety than ever.

Railing isn’t the only part of your deck where you can choose a variety of materials. People are using multiple types of wood to create one deck, and composite decking continues to be a favorite material when building a deck. A big trend for composite decking is bolder, richer color choices. With names like Lava Rock, Havana Gold, Spiced Rum, Tiki Torch and Mountain Redwood the choices are striking in style and many in number. Installing contrasting borders around your deck to frame it out is also on trend this year.

Post caps are also an important to personalizing any deck. They can reflect your style, but also serve a purpose when lighted deck post caps are chosen. Post caps have taken on a more important role in deck construction and are a great way to compliment home’s appearance.



Decks are a great outdoor living space. There are so many ways to construct, accessorize and decorate and we’ve only touched on a few. Deck construction allows homeowners to bring so many personal choices into the design, and the combinations are endless.