February is a perfect time to get that new fence or replace your old rotting fence. There are several reasons why this month is the most opportune time to think about your fencing.

For one reason,  it’s not the growing season which means it will be much easier to install a fence when weed growth and landscaping are pretty much dormant. This means there will be less labor to install your fence, and a quicker turn around time.

Another reason to consider installing or replacing your fence this month is that most contractors are less busy during February and will be able to get you on their schedule more quickly. Once spring hits, everyone starts requesting more work, contractors get booked up and the likelihood of having your fence complete within a week or two goes out the window. Don’t wait for everyone else to get ahead of you and start enjoying their privacy on the next warm day. Be the first in your neighborhood to kick back and relax.

If it’s repairs or replacement you’re looking for, now is the time to jump on that as well. Bad weather and cold temps make the possibility of further damage more likely, so before your entire fence suffers you need to make the call and get that work scheduled and started.

And if you’re planning on doing more in your backyard than just a fence, do the fence now and then you’ll be ready for new landscaping beds and plants around the fence as soon as planting season hits. You’l be well ahead of the game and ready to enjoy your backyard retreat.