No one can deny that having a yard that looks admirable, enviable or approachable requires some level of maintenance. Often way more maintenance than you may be interested in investing. One way to cut back on the amount of time you need to spend on your landscape each week is to choose low maintenance plants for your landscaping.

A favorite for both color and smell is lavender. It’s silvery leaves and purple blooms make it a lovely addition for any style garden, but it’s also extremely hardy and requires minimal attendance during the growing season. There are several varieties to choose from, some more compact than others.  Munstead is a compact shrub with mounding silver foliage and an abundance of blooms that create a border that’s a blanket of purple. Hidcote is another attractive variety.

Heuchera, commonly known as Coral Bells, make a colorful impact to any garden or container. They love  an area where they get both partial shade and partial sun. And not only are they easy to care for and require little maintenance, but many of them are deer resistant. Some of our favorites include Plum Pudding, Carnival Peach Parfait, Cherry Cola and Apple Crisp.

Coral Bells bring a variety of color into your landscape and need little attention.

One way to cut down on the time you need to spend on your landscape is to include drought tolerant plants. Grasses, in particular, are one way to ensure that you’re not spending too much time dragging a hose through your yard. There are a lot of grasses to choose from, and fountain grass varieties are an excellent choice. Purple Fountain Grass is a favorite because of its beautiful purple color. Little Bunny is a variety chosen for its small stature and sweet fluffs.

And yes, you can add hydrangea to the list. They are easy and hardy. Just make sure you choose the correct variety for the location. Some do better in sun, some need more shade. And they are super easy to care for and require little pruning since the new flowers and growth typically form on the dead wood. We have lots of favorites, but love the seaside serenade varieties.

Daylily. Possibly one of the easiest and most colorful plants out there. Lots of color selections and sizes. Purple. Yellow. Red. Orange. Once a year, remove all the dead blooms, and that literally the only thing you have to do with these colorful beauties.

Another low maintenance plant that should find a place in every landscape is the hosta. Blues, greens, variegated, white edged, super large, tiny dwarfs…and did I mention easy?

These are just a few selections that will bring color and style into your landscape, with the ease of little to no regular maintenance.