You got that new patio or deck you’d been dreaming of. You enjoyed it all spring and into the early summer. Your neighbors oohed and aahed over your new backyard living space and you smiled over everyone’s excitement. But now it’s dead in the middle of summer and well…it’s too hot to enjoy your new space during the middle of the day. The sun is banging on everyone and the guests don’t seem as excited over your invites. What to do? What to do?

Create some shade out there! You can be both practical and creative when it comes to bringing the shade and giving your outdoor living space life again.

I suppose one of the easiest and least expensive solutions would be a patio umbrella. That said, you can spend under $50 and get adequate shade or you can go super deluxe and spend upwards of $6,000.




Pergolas are an architecturally appealing way to create shade. Custom built, you can choose a design to complement your outdoor space and your home.



To create even more shade once your pergola is installed you should think about adding curtains. Not only does it create a tremendous about of shade, but you can incorporate your favorite colors and patterns into your design.



Depending on your deck or patio location in proximity to your house, an awning might be a good choice for you. They’re easy to customize with a large variety of colors and styles. And a variety of materials, as well.





Another way to help shade and cool things down a bit is through planting. If you’ve got a pergola, then plant some vines that will grow up and over it creating some wonderful shade. Consider climbing roses, clematis, honeysuckle, passion flower, jasmine, grape vine and wisteria.




There are many ways to shade your patio or deck during the sunniest, hottest days of the year.Not only the ideas we’ve mentioned here, but also sun sails, permanent roof additions, gazebos, arbors and more. But there are definitely times when shade is a must.