Is your deck or patio a little boring? Is it too hot to walk on when the sun is its brightest and the temps their highest? Do you feel like something is keeping you from feeling like your outdoor living space isn’t quite a livable as you’d like? An outdoor rug will instantly turn your patio or deck into an outdoor lounging or living space that will host you and your guests comfortably and longingly.

When choosing a rug for your outdoor space, think about color, texture, material and quality. It’s also important to remember that an outdoor run in a sunny spot will often fade after a season, so if you’re just going for a “look” then think about how much you’re willing to pay for one season of use. If you leave it out for most of the year, be aware that fading and wearing will happen much more quickly then if you roll it up and keep it away from the elements for a good portion of the year. And if you’re the type who likes to switch things up a lot, you can find really fun, inexpensive rugs to suit your current mood.