How can you improve your curb appeal?  In a multitude of ways! You can do it quickly and with minimal cost or you can make some dynamic changes and really spruce things up.

Here are just a few of our top favorites:
Green it up! If your front yard has bare spots, weeds or an overall rough appearance, then invest in a new seeding. If the condition of your lawn is particularly shabby, then sod may be the best investment for you.
Add Color! Is your yard looking dull and lifeless? Adding color is definitely the answer. Enhance your beds with annual or perennial color. Annuals will need to be replaced each year and are more economical initially, but perennials, even though they cost a bit more, come back each year and typically increase in size each season.
Plant a Tree! There are so many varieties to choose from, with appealing color and size choices to suit any yard. A tree can add a splash of color, and even some height interest to your overall landscape.
Open Things Up! Trim back tree limbs. This will open things up and allow people to see your home and the landscaping surrounding it. It’s also important to keep any walkways free of overhanging branches.
Shrink the Shrubs! Give your shrubs a good trimming. Allowing them to cover your windows will keep the natural light from filtering inside. If a shrub is too large or too mature, it might not be a bad idea to remove an older shrub and replace it with a young, smaller growing variety.
Expel the Expired! It it’s dead, remove it. Get rid of any dead trees, shrubs and plants.
Increase the Inventory! Landscaping looking a little thin and lacking? Add some new shrubs to those barren areas. Shrubs with an assortment of texture and color always add more appeal. Groups of three are always more interesting than shrubs planted in groups of two.
Renew the Mulch! A layer of mulch always spruces things up.
Invite People In! Make your front entry inviting. Put a new mat by the doorstep and add a container of seasonal color.
Giving your home’s curb appeal a makeover is one of the easiest ways to show everyone the pride you take in home ownership. Increasing your home’s curb appeal can also help if you are selling your home. Most buyers can’t visualize the changes a new landscape will bring to a home. Sometimes it’s up to the seller to give them that vision that will be their new home.