There are so many ways to add interest to your landscape, but nothing can bring as much comfort as a garden bench.  Garden benches have provided outdoor pleasure to people for centuries, and while everything else in our environment has changed and grown, the pleasure of a few minutes stolen from the business of your day has not.

Garden benches are great for reflecting with that first cup of coffee in the morning, while reading the news or planning your day.  A comfortable seat in a quiet location, before you begin the day allows you to take in the sights and smells of your garden, as well.  In the evening, a garden bench gives you the opportunity to calm down, take a breath and unwind in the most visually appealing, harmonious location of your entire home, both indoors and out.

A garden bench and a few minutes alone turn your yard into a sanctuary, and that’s why selecting the right bench is important.  There are so many choices available, and we want to share a few of our favorites.


This Japanese custom-made timber bench immediately caught our eye. We can imagine it finding a place in any Zen or Japanese-style garden.

We can never get enough Mid-Century Modern style and the clean lines of this mahogany bench had us swooning.

A classic teak bench is always a winner.


It’s a simple design, but this 19th Century Scottish Iron bench is a design worthy of any outdoor space.

I can picture this iron bench nestled among an abundance of fragrant blooms in a romantic cottage garden.

Anyone will fall in love with the delightful charm these dragonflies bring to this metal bench.



This resin bench is both waterproof and serves the dual purpose as a storage spot.


Resin doesn’t have to be bland. All shads of color can be found in this material.

Resin benches can be molded into a variety of shapes to suit your style.


This cast stone bench with its decorative scroll accent gives and ancient feel to a modern shape.


Modern elegance is easily achieved with the shape of this concrete bench.

Old world styles continue to be a popular concrete design today.



Hand painted benches are art for your yard.

Creative shapes, bright colors and unique designs.

Try your own creative efforts at hand painting a bench.