Euphorbia - Ascot Rainbow spurge

Fantastic sage and lime green foliage with a lovely yellow border that, during the colder months, turns pink-flushed or peachy-salmon. Throughout the warmer months, profusions of bright red blossoms are produced by bracts with vivid green and yellow stripes. a water-wise, fuss-free option for containers and mixed beds that can withstand heat.

Rainbow Spurge Euphorbia

This plant will surely spruce up the garden and would make a wonderful specimen in a vividly colored patio pot. Its excellent heat and drought tolerance is a plus.

bright ascot rainbow spurge

As long as they are planted in well-draining soils, spurges are shrub-like perennials that are simple for gardeners of any experience level to grow. It is the perfect plant for difficult or xeric locations because it can withstand heat, dryness, and even poor soils. It requires extremely little (or no) maintenance to stay beautiful throughout the entire growing season because it is resistant to deer, rabbits, and illnesses. For optimal performance, plant it in full sun in northern zones and part sun (with afternoon shade) in southern zones.

Euphorbia plant

Plant in average, quickly draining soil; abstain from using too much moisture. To build a deep, broad root system, water frequently during the first growing season. Midseason pinchback will encourage dense habit. Stay away from sap. In the spring and mid-summer, feed. With protection from harsh winter extremes, hardy to zone 5b.