Lantana red bandtio

A compact lantana great for pots and flower gardens all summer long. Butterflies and hummingbirds enjoy vibrant flowers. even flourishes in hot, muggy southern environments. grows as a perennial in areas with warm winters; elsewhere, treat as an annual.

The  brightest, most beautiful, and most compact Lantana yet is just waiting for you! Great for containers of all kinds — hanging baskets, window boxes, flowerpots and tubs — this well-branched, large-flowered variety will wow you from summer through fall . . . not to mention how it delights the butterflies and hummingbirds!

With great branching and glossy, dark green foliage that shines out considerably more attractively than older Lantanas’, BanditoTM only grows to be 15 to 20 inches high and wide. The blossoms initially emerge in hues of yellow and orange before darkening to a magnificent scarlet. They absolutely pop on such a tiny habit despite being bigger than others!

Lantana plants

In warmer regions, the blooms bloom in the sweltering summertime and persist into the fall. Since BanditoTM is a sensitive perennial, it will grow for many years in zones 8 to 11. In the early spring, you can cut it all the way down, and it will grow back. It is a magnificent yearly , large and stunning throughout the seasons.

Impervious to heat, humidity, poor soil, and even periods of drought, this is one annual plant that behaves like a long-lived shrub. You will treasure its low maintenance and effortless beauty when other plants are becoming fussy as the weather changes.