With it’s gorgeous, vibrant coloring and love for cooler weather, this edible ornamental vegetable is a perfect plant for your fall landscape.

Adding swiss chard into your landscape is even more fun now that the varieties have expanded.. There was a time when the only varieties of Rainbow Chard was Bright Lights. Now you can find Oriole, El Dorado, Magenta Sunset, Ruby Red and Peppermint.

Bright Lights Swiss Chard







Oriole Fantasia Swiss Chard






Magenta Sunset Swiss Chard







Peppermint Swiss Chard








Ruby Swiss Chard








El Dorado Swiss Chard






Swiss Chard looks beautiful in any container, but it’s also a nice distraction when mixed into your beds and tucked just behind a profusion of colorful pansies. Visit your favorite garden center today and check out their selections.