Hydrangeas Virginia Beach

With every new lacecap I discover, I fall more deeply in love. Lacecaps are definitely one of my favorite summer bloomers, and this one has captured my heart.

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When planted in acidic soil, frilly lacecap flowers have an edge of deep purple-blue, while when grown in neutral or alkaline soil, they have an edge of deep pink. The blossoms of this reblooming cultivar continue to bloom throughout the summer and get deeper in color as they get older. Excellent cut blooms on remarkably sturdy stalks. Re-blooms in the late spring and grows to a height and width of around 4 feet.

Lacecap hydrangea

The plant is a wonderful option for tiny gardens, as well as mixed borders and containers, thanks to its compact, rounded habit. Anyone wishing to add color and charm to their environment may consider “Seaside Serenade Crystal Cove” because it is simple to grow and requires little upkeep.