Large plant landscape ideas in Virginia Beach

We all know that the best gardens are the ones that bring you the most joy. While trendy may not be your thing, it’s fun to see what’s trending with landscaping designs.

One of this year’s big trends is mimicing the style of the tropics. Tropical plants include Caladiums, Rose of Sharon, Rose Mallow and Cannas.

Caladiums (elephant ears) come in a variety of colors, shapes and patterns and exist in both shade and sun loving varieties.


Rose of Sharon (hardy hisbicus) can be grown down to Zone 5.

Rose Mallow produces stunning large, flowers similar to the tropical hibiscus flower. There are some varieites that are hardy to Zone 4.


Cannas have a super tropical look and are easy to grow.


We’ll cover other trends in future posts on this series. Check back later for more.