When someone walks or drives past your home, does its exterior make them pause and want to visit or does it make them gasp and want to keep on going?  Stand in the street in front of your house.  If it wasn’t your home, how would you feel about walking up to the front door?  Perhaps it’s time to make some changes to your landscape.

There are numerous ways to make your home more inviting.  How can you improve your front yard?  Does it involve your door?  Your porch?  The overall landscape?  With a little thought, your home can invite people to stop in, with or without the welcome sign.  

The first part of your yard to address is the area closest to the street.  It’s what people see first, and will give the greatest initial impact. Creating an area that includes color is a sure way to say, “hello, look at me” and beckon visitors to continue forward.

If you have a mailbox by the curb, dress it up with a flowering vine or surround it with river rock and an interesting array of flowering species.

Next, encourage visitors to continue forward to your porch.  Include a bed that adds interest with both height, texture and color.  These areas should include flowering shrubs and trees. 

A Japanese maple or a brightly flowering crepe myrtle surrounded by low growing flowering shrub will continue the adventure as guests approach your front door.

Your doorway should be visible from the street.  If it’s not as noticeable as you’d like, try painting your door a brighter color to draw attention to it.  A brightly painted door always says, “welcome.”  If you have a front porch, use it to create a seating area.

A porch swing or a bench with cushions ensures guests that they are approaching a home that wants people to stop by and enjoy their space.  Fill your front porch with attractive pieces of pottery, overlfowing with colorful flowers and plants.

However you choose to invite people into your home, remember it starts with that initial first impression.  Use your creativity or that of your landscape designer to welcome people to your home.