Staring out the window at a plain, boring patio?   Unsure where to begin?  Not even sure what look you’re going after?  It’s easy to feel overwhelmed during the decision process.  If you’re not careful, you’ll just toss the thought away, and end up spending another summer failing to utilize what could be the best “room” of your home.

Plants.  Furniture.  Art.  Color.  Seclusion.  Shade.  Sun.  Water.  Sounds.  Sights. Smells.  Flavors. All words that should be part of your patio vocabulary.  Consider all the senses when preparing your patio for the outdoor season.

One of the easiest ways to bring color and fragrance to your patio is with plants.  Find creative ways to display containers and let them overflow with blooms and foliage.
Furniture choices.  If the furniture is as comfortable and inviting as the rest of the house, you’ll rush to get out there in the evenings.  Choose a color and style that reflects your personal style.
Bring the relaxing sounds of a fountain into your backyard.  Garden fountains come in a variety of sizes and prices, and if you’re creative and ambitious, you can make your own. Some great ideas can be found at this DIY website.
To make your patio more of a room, and less of a place to store your grill, think about ways to create seclusion.  A screen can instantly add a wall and give you some added privacy.
There are tons of ways to make your patio more inviting, more private, more appealing to your senses.  Share some of your ideas with us!  We’d love to hear what things you’ve come up with.  E-mail us a picture, too!