The February checklist for your yard.

*Starts your seeds for the cool season vegetables & flowers.
*Check your plants and tress for damage. During the cold months, animals can damage your plants when trying to escape the cold.
*It’s a good time to start looking for pots and planters. Some stores still have last year’s merchandise to get rid of, and the bargains can be strong.
*Cut back your liriope and other perennials now. It will get them ready to grow in the spring.
*Prune your dormant trees and shrubs, but leave those spring bloomers alone.
*It’s a good time to plant those larger B&B bushes and trees.
*Give your holly bushes a hard prune this time of year.
*Check on your evergreens and make sure they’re not drying out.
*Don’t forget the birds! Keep feeding them and make sure you have fresh water available.
*If you still have leaves in the yard, get rid of them!
*Check the mulch and if it needs to be refreshed, remember that 3 to 4″ depth rule.
*If it’s dry, water your plants. Pay particular attention to any new plantings.
*Prune your berry bushes.
*The end of February is the time to start your crabgrass preventer application.
*If these aren’t items you want to tackle, then give us a call.

There are plenty of things to do in your yard during one of the coldest months of the year. There are also many things to do in preparation for the arrival of spring.