Valentine’s Day is just a week away, but before you splurge for a dozen or more roses wouldn’t you like to know the meaning behind the color of the roses you’re thinking about choosing? While many people think roses are cliché, knowing the meaning behind them will certainly give a little oomph to that bouquet. Roses come in a variety of colors and shades, so choose carefully and let someone know that you actually did put some thought into your selection.

Red roses are the standard. They are the symbol for love, and reflect beauty and perfection. Give those red roses to the perfect someone in your life, and let them know why you went with tradition.

Pink roses represent feelings of admiration, grace, joy, sweetness and gentleness. They’re a great choice for a daughter or for a younger Valentine since they also communicate happiness.

Yellow roses symbolize joy and cheerfulness. Their bright color creates warmth and happiness, and they’re a good choice to show someone you appreciate their friendship.

Orange roses are energetic and exciting. A good choice for a passionate romance.

White roses convey purity, innocence and charm. They also represent new beginning, so would be a good choice for a new interest in your life.

Lavender roses stand for “love at first sight” and might be a fun way to say “you caught my attention immediately and you still have it.”

Salmon roses are a lighter shade of orange, so while you may not want to convey an overly passionate attitude to a new love, salmon might be a good choice if you’re trying to share you desire and excitement with that new special someone.

Peach roses represent gratitude and appreciation. Give it to that special someone who has been a good friend.

Cream roses symbolize charm and thoughtfulness. If you want to let someone know you appreciate these traits, a bouquet of cream is a winning choice.

Did you also know that the number of roses you give has a certain meaning, too? A single rose is a sweet way to say “thank you.” Two roses tied together show unity. If you add a diamond to that pair, then you’ve just proposed marriage. Six roses signify a need to be loved, while eleven roses give the beneficiary assurance that they are truly and deeply loved. And if you’re giving them to someone you secretly admire? Thirteen is the number to go with!