It’s not just a slab of concrete to put your grill on. It’s so much more. A patio should be extension of your home and style. The ways you can decorate your patio are numerous, and you can do something lovely no matter your budget. Creativity and inspiration are key. How do you find inspiration? Think about the things that most inspire you and go forward. Is it a song? Think about the title and lyrics and how you can transpose that into your design. A certain type of flower? Use that as your color palette starting point. How about something as simple as an outdoor memory from a past vacation? Even a search through a magazine will help to spark your creativity and imagination.

Color. Select a warm or cool color palette and use it across your area. A good idea is two to three colors. You can always use different shades of the same color to create a cohesive look and then accent with one other color.







Vertical Interest. It’s important to have the eye travel not only horizontally, but vertically. There are numerous ways to introduce vertical interest into your decorating. Plants are one of the most attractive ways to bring height and color to your design. Pergolas and arbors are another way to draw the eyes upward. And if anyone ever told you that artwork isn’t an important part of an outdoor design they’re lying! If you’ve got a wall or fence near your patio, then by all means add some interest.









Lighting.  Nothing kicks up the ambiance the way lighting does.  Whether it’s stringing lights across your patio, using them inside your umbrella, hanging an elegant chandelier or adding hints of lighting in your landscape, the change from day to night will create a dramatic effect.









The most important things to think about when you’re decorating for your patio is to remember that you need to make your outdoor space an extension of your home and your personal style. If you create a space that suits your lifestyle, then you’ll make sure that patio area becomes a big part of your life.