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Described as “a dense mound of ground-hugging branches that radiate from the center” this plant has a bonsai style and tight foliage with a blue-green tint. If your style of garden is Asian/Zen, contemporary, or even slightly rustic, then this plant will feel right at home in one of your beds or even as a potted accent plant for your patio or zen rock garden.

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Container Gardening in Virgina Beach

Plants for Your Patio Planters

It wasn’t a difficult decision to add a new patio as a way to create more living space for your home. But now you’d like to bring more life to it. And this can be best accomplished with the addition of outdoor planters.  Now comes the fun part! Deciding what to plant. And deciding on the containers to put those plants.    One thing that will really add style to your patio is to select planters that are similar in style and color. Or to buy a specific design of planter and stick to that one style. The diversity will come from your plants. We love this collection from Pottery Barn. There are several different planters you can choose from that will match your style type. The plant selection needs more consideration when it comes to exposure to the elements. Is your patio space filled with shade? A few plants that might be perfect for you containers include coleus, fuschia, coral bells (heuchera), and impatiens. My absolute favorite shade plant for both color and foliage variety is coleus. Planted in a container along with some impatients and you will create a backyard show stopper. The color and size of the leaves have such a tremendous vaiety, and they are also extremely easy to care for. Is your patio in full sun? If you need plants to survive extreme heat and sun, there are numerous options when it comes to creating that perfect container full of lush colorful, plants. Among the choices are lantana, geraniums, zinnias, mint (it’s pretty, it smells great and it has multiple uses in food and drinks), palms (particularly Chinese fan palms) and the beauiful, crazy blooming Mandevilla. There are so many options when it comes to the plants that will decorate your patio, and you can go bold, basic, subdued with your planters and once you’ve decided on the planters, you can go try all of the different plants that are suited to the environement these planters will be placed. Choose planters and plants that compliment your existing hardscape and landscape choices.

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Hostas for shade in Norfolk


If you’re looking to add a new hosta variety to your landscape this season, let this be THE one! With it’s heart-shaped, blue leaves with a crisp white margin, the color and shape are certainly inviting. But toss in some incredible ruffling on the leaves and you’ve got a bounty of added interest in this selcetion.

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Halloween is quickly approaching. There are so many ways you can decorate your outdoor areas to welcome the spooky season. Who doesn’t love the color orange? Or pumpkins? Black cats and witches? It’s a fun time of the year and decorating your doorstep, your porch, your deck or even your garden areas can bring a lot of joy and fun to your home. These are just a few of our favorites.

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This is easily one of my favorite late winter to early spring bloomers. The darkest of purple color is so unique and it always reminds me that warm weather is just moments away. Single blossoms in shades of dark purple to almost black are an ideal complement to beds and borders. Call them hellebores or Lenten Roses, but their captivating charm is the same.                

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If a long-blooming perennial is something you’re searching for, then Rozanne Geranium needs to be on your list. It’s an award winner that will bring your garden masses of gorgeous, blueish purple blooms from early in the spring until the end of the summer. It’s a spreading geranium that allows it’s evergreen foliage to continue in climates that experience mild winters.

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