Baby Joe Dwarf Pye Weed Virginia Beach landscapers

Joe Pye Weed is a compact plant with super showy, mauve-purplish dome-shaped flowers that bloom from late summer and into early fall. It’s a great addition for borders if you need some vertical interest.

This isn’t a plant for full sun, but it does well in filtered sun, partial shade, and partial sun. It does love being wet though and prefers fertile, moist, well-drained soil, although it does adapt once it’s been in a pace for an entire growing season. It can tolerate drier soil, but to get the full show make sure you water it often and keep it moist.

Dward Joe Pye Weed Virginia Beach

It grows nicely among Sedge (carex), daylilies, iris, and bee balm.

‘Baby Joe’ is a small-growing variety of the Joe Pye weed. The plant blooms with flat-topped heads of tiny, mauve-purple flowers in the late summer. The blossoms are very alluring to bees and butterflies.